Cytaty z odcinków

Ciekawe cytaty z odcinków:

„CRAP” – najsłynniejsze powiedzenie Sully-ego (większości fanów nawet nie trzeba tłumaczyć)

Bosco: I’m your partner. I was there for you, I’ll always be there for you!
Bobby’s father: Your mother was a pretty woman
Bobby: My mother IS a pretty woman

Faith: I’m hungry
Bosco: (something along the lines of) You’ve got to help me on this…
Faith: Food!
Bosco: You’ve got to…
Faith: Now!!!

Yokas: You know you can be a real jerk, you know that?
Bosco: But you love me anyway right? Huh? Right?

Kim (do Bobby’ego, który został postrzelony): Bobby, you stay with me. You hear me?! Stay with me! ;(

Yokas: So this clown, how old was he?
Bosco: Yeah, in clown years

Bobby(Bobby about their patient):The guy keeps going and going…

Bosco: I was always fast.
Faith: Good for you.
Bosco: Really fast.
Faith: That’s great.
Bosco: You don’t believe me?
Faith: Look, I’m sure you were a gazelle.
[później słynne kokoko ko! ;D]
Fiath do Bosco (po słynnym kokoko ko! ;D): Let’s go Bruce Jenner!

Cruz: On my count!
Bosco: Okay
Cruz: Bosco, don’t ever go snooping through my place again
Bosco: I won’t be there again
Cruz: Even better
Bosco: On your count!

Bosco: Do you have to embarrass me like that
Faith: Sorry, I’ll go back to letting you do it yourself

Bosco: I am so hot tonight, I’m even amazing myself

Faith do Bosco, gdy opuszczał szpital (sezon 6):What? You think I’m not gonna go all out for my partner?

Faith: I miss you Bosco…

Alex: Okay, Santa
Sully: Does that make you one of the elves?

Alex: Please don’t tell me I got my ass kicked for a tie

Jimmy: I feel weird.
Kim: You just got shot!
Jimmy: Ain’t that a bitch!

Alex: You Okay?
Jimmy: I’ll let you know next tuesday When I can breath again!

Kim(while knecking Bosco): Oh my God! Jimmy!
Bosco: Did you just call me Jimmy?

Sully: The day you work buy and bust is the day…
Ty: …is the day you do a sit-up. Oh!
Sully: The day you work buy and bust is the day…
Ty:…is the day you eat a salad. Oh!

Bosco: Hey! You seen Yokas, yet?
Sully: No…
Bosco: I’ve been calling for two days, she doesn’t answer.
Sully: Maybe she’s got caller id.

Faith: Faith Yokas.
Taylor: Alex Taylor.
Faith: It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s like they get dumber when they’re in packs…

Dr. Susan Lewis: I work with people who have diseases.
Bosco: Oh, yeah? What about pedophiles? Do they have diseases, too?

„How you doing?” – Ty
„I can’t complain.” – Faith
„Yeah? That’s all right, Sully complains enough for everybody.” – Ty

„It’s gonna be a great day.” – Ty
„It’s a Monday. Mondays always suck.” – Sully

„Isn’t there something we can do?”- Faith, on the scene of a dying horse
„You want me to shoot it?”- Bosco

„Bad Bosco, Good Pizza.” – Faith

Miller: This job needs someone who knows what they’re doing, Lieutenant.
Yokas: You know I’m standing right here?
Miller: Has she even been detective for a whole day?
Yokas: She’s been a detective for two days. Which is just enough time for me to ask you: what the hell is your name doing on my victim? Because you are that Lieutenant Miller, aren’t you?

Yokas: Okay, look, just um…
{Bosco jumps out of the car and starts chasing after Pee-Wee}
Yokas: …jump out of the car and leave me sitting here again.

{„Bosco is a dick” is written on the side of Bosco and Yokas’ car}
Sully: A lot of people might have written that.
Bosco: What is that supposed to mean?

{about Kim’s taste in men}
Bobby: Jimmy Doherty.
Kim: It was a weak moment.
Bobby: Kim, you married him.

Bosco: 220 horses, I got a gun, a siren, a tank full of city gas. Don’t you love it!

Bosco: How many cops you slept with?
Nicole: How many cops are there in New York?
Bosco: Maybe I should just check precinct toilet stalls, see which ones have your name and number scratched in the paint.
Nicole: You want a list of the men I’ve slept with? Why don’t you grab a phonebook, I’m sure there’s at least one on every page.

Bosco: Waffle?
Yokas: Oh absolutely. Watch out for that dog!
{Bosco slams on the brakes and the clown slams into the cage}
Yokas: Boy, driving around the city can be really dangerous. Huh?!

{Bosco almost gets into a bar fight}
Bobby: No one wants to fight.
Bosco: I want to fight!

{to Jimmy}
Bosco: With your head the echo must be deafening.

{to Bosco when Jimmy catches him and Kim fooling around}
Jimmy: Don’t get too high on yourself. It isn’t about you.

{Bosco falls in the soapsuds}
Yokas: Oh, you got a boo boo?
Bosco: Get away from me!
Yokas: Kiss your rubber ducky?

{after Bosco beats Yokas in the race}
Bosco: I kicked your ass!
ta scena ;D kokoko! ;D

Bosco: You lied to me?
Yokas: Yeah, I lied to you! Can we please get out of the middle of the road?
Bosco: You looked me in the eye and you lied to me. I felt bad for you.

Kim: Something happened, didn’t it?
Bobby: No…no I can’t.
Kim: Oh yeah, you can.
Bobby: No, forget it.
Kim: Oh, is it Jimmy? Okay, dumb question, of course it’s Jimmy.

Sully: I get very grumpy.
Yokas: More than usual?

Davis: If you won the lotto you could buy a helicopter to get to work.
Sully: To get to work?
Davis: What are you gonna do? Sit at home all day?
Yokas: Yeah 70 million dollars, I’m gonna be strapping on a bulletproof vest ‘cause I need a hobby.

Bosco: I never put much faith in love. It’s okay for chick flicks and greeting cards, but you don’t see much out here to convince you there’s really something to it. I said „I love you” a couple times, when a girl was looking at me like if I didn’t say it I was going to be sleeping by myself that night.

{Yokas is limping}
Bosco: You do something to your leg?
Yokas: Yeah I did something to my leg. I followed my moron partner when he jumped over the Grand Canyon back there

Bosco: I’m starting to wonder about me.
Yokas: Never.

Cruz: Any word on Bosco?
Swersky: Nothing good.
> Cruz: Yeah, he’s tough. He’ll be back.

Bosco: Wait until my partner here gets finished with the report. You’ll be so guilty even you won’t like yourself.
Yokas: Oh, that’s sweet.
Bosco: Well, you’re the best at it.
Yokas: Isn’t he a smooth talker?

Bosco: Oh, this world would be such a better place without people.

{Bosco is giving Yokas a hard time about the fact that she hasn’t told Fred about the pregnancy yet}
Bosco: You gotta tell him.
{Yokas throws a clump of dirt at Bosco and it hits him in the back of the head}
Bosco: Ouch.
Yokas: I warned you.
Bosco: You just hit me with a dirt clod.
Yokas: You’re lucky I didn’t hit you in the head with a brick

Bosco: You took philosophy?
Yokas: Yeah, why? You didn’t think I was smart enough to take philosophy?
Bosco: I didn’t think you were stupid enough to take philosophy.

Bosco: This isn’t why I wanted to be a cop. This isn’t why I put the uniform on. This is sad and it’s stupid. God, I hate this! There’s nothing I can do about it.

Yokas: Good luck.
Bosco: I don’t believe in luck.
Yokas: Then be careful.

Yokas: I really wanted to win.
Bosco: Come on, you’d miss me too much.

Bosco: I wonder if I would have shown up for work the next day like those coffee shop employees. Yeah, I would have been there. You bet I would.

Yokas: So, I’m supposed to miss my daughter’s birthday because you’re jonesing for Chinese chicken?
Bosco: Who said anything about missing it? All right? And it’s not just any chicken. It’s Empire Schezuan Green Jade Chicken.
Yokas: Oh, I’m sorry. Well, if it’s Green Jade chicken then she’ll understand that.

Bosco: Why does everything have to be my fault?
Yokas: Yeah that’s my question.

Bosco: So, we’re done?
Doc: Yeah.
Bosco: Good, I got a date with a Chinese chicken.

Bosco: Is anybody else in the mood for some Chinese chicken when we get done?
Yokas: All right Bosco, enough with the chicken already.

{at sensitivity training}
Carlos: What are you doing here?
Bosco: What? You mean this isn’t Jazzercise class?

{about sensitivity training}
Carlos: You’ve done this before?
Bosco: I practically have reserved parking.

Yokas: I can’t figure this. Why the hell would you go through all that to protect me?
Cruz: I don’t rat out cops.
Yokas: Look, we’re not friends. I don’t even like you.
Cruz: You know what? I spent the entire day with a bunch of people telling me how much they don’t like me. So you wanna fight, let’s go. Let’s go, let’s just get it over with.
Yokas: I told you that night I didn’t want you to be involved.
Cruz: I was already involved. He was my prisoner.
Yokas: And I told you that I would face my punishment—
Cruz: This isn’t about you! I don’t rat on cops. It makes no difference who they are or whether I like them or not. I don’t rat on cops.
Yokas: I don’t owe you anything, Cruz. I didn’t want you to do this.
Cruz: Fair enough.

Yokas: I’m pregnant.
Bosco: Congratulations…No?
Yokas: Not even close.

Bosco: Hey, you got the name on 1G?
Mailman: I can’t do that.
Bosco: Come on, let me see the mail for that address.
Mailman: I know that’s not allowed. What’d this guy do?
Bosco: He killed a mailman.

Bosco: Yokas?
Yokas: What do you care? You didn’t even put your name on the report.
Bosco: You call that a report? „In my opinion it wasn’t rape.” „In my opinion this. In my opinion that.” When I do a report, it’s name, place and date.
Yokas: You know what? When you do a report it’s one big, long spelling error.

„Greetings. This is not God, this is his close friend, Officer Boscorelli. Please pull over.”

Bosco: You know what you told me once when I messed up? All you can do is try to learn from it, do it different next time.
Faith: I said that?
Bosco: Pretty smart, huh?
Faith: Yeah, apparently I have my moments.

{over the radio}
Bosco: 5-5 David. We got a call back number on this complainant? Call and ask if he’ll talk to us again.
Dispatcher: 10-4 David. Standby.
Bosco: Standby my ass.

Bosco: I need an emergency day, lost time, whatever.
Swersky: Why?
Bosco: Personal. Family emergency.
Swersky: Is everything all right?
Bosco: You don’t like it, fire me. I gotta go.
Swersky: What is going on!?
Yokas: {to herself} Not that much has changed.

Bosco:”If they could just give me the power to decide who should live and die, the world would be a better place.”

Bosco: You know what really pisses me off? That I was stupid enough to fall for the whole damn „I changed” thing. Nobody changes. People don’t change, do they, Dad? We can go out, we can go have all those steak dinners we want, but it don’t make us a family. I’m my own family.

Bosco: I’m through justifying myself to you.
Yokas: And I’m through carrying around a three-year old.
Bosco: Right, I’m one of your kids.
Yokas: No, you couldn’t be one of my kids. My kids are mature.
Bosco: No, I couldn’t be one of your kids because I actually see you

Cruz: Don’t tell me that was him.
Bosco: I think it was him.
Cruz: I said not to tell me that.

Man: I’m moving my car. How you gonna write me up?
Cruz: With this pen.

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